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Many people love their pets. They pay for the best veterinary care available, and make sure that their pets are properly pampered. There are spas for pets, fancy pet hotels and designer clothing meant for various animals. While there are plenty of exotic pets, most people still prefer the old standbys of cats and dogs. These animals are often faithful and affectionate, and furry and comforting. And, indeed, cats and dogs can lead rich and full lives, well cared for by their owners. If a pet owner is rich, his or her cats and/or dogs will be well cared for by the best, most expensive veterinarians, receive the best food, and enjoy the fanciest toys.

In some cases, the rich love their pets so much that they actually leave their pets an inheritance. And that inheritance can be quite large, reaching into the millions of dollars. Here are 10 of the richest cats and dogs in the world — pets who quite possibly have more money than you ever will!

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Top 10 Celebrity Pets: Famous Cats and Dogs

by admin on November 18, 2009

There are a number of famous folks who love their animals. From presidents with beloved pets to A-list celebrities who pamper their pooches and kitties, it is no surprise that some animals are quite famous. Some celebrities turn to their pets for companionship and unconditional love when the tabloids attack, and others just love to show off their animals as cute accessories. It’s hard not to love animals, since they will treat you well if you are willing to take care of them. Here are 10 famous cats and dogs that are well-known members of celebrity families: [click to continue…]