Top 10 Richest Cats and Dogs in the World

by admin on May 18, 2010

Many people love their pets. They pay for the best veterinary care available, and make sure that their pets are properly pampered. There are spas for pets, fancy pet hotels and designer clothing meant for various animals. While there are plenty of exotic pets, most people still prefer the old standbys of cats and dogs. These animals are often faithful and affectionate, and furry and comforting. And, indeed, cats and dogs can lead rich and full lives, well cared for by their owners. If a pet owner is rich, his or her cats and/or dogs will be well cared for by the best, most expensive veterinarians, receive the best food, and enjoy the fanciest toys.

In some cases, the rich love their pets so much that they actually leave their pets an inheritance. And that inheritance can be quite large, reaching into the millions of dollars. Here are 10 of the richest cats and dogs in the world — pets who quite possibly have more money than you ever will!


Many cats act as though they are the ones in charge. Even the poorest cat can do a good impression of royalty. But, with plenty of money, and humans to cater to their every need, the cats on this list probably are in charge, treated like true royalty.

  1. Blackie: Instead of leaving money to his relatives, British recluse Ben Rea decided that his $13 million fortune should go to various cat charities, and to his cat Blackie. When he died in 1988, Rea’s will was carried out. His relatives probably weren’t too happy, but Blackie is well cared for, since there is plenty of money for his needs, and the money that went to charities is probably being used to help less fortunate cats live better lives.
  2. Brownie and Hellcat: This pair of cats was left $415,000 each from Dr. William Grier in the 1960s. These cats invested (or had others do it for them) their money wisely. Even though Brownie and Hellcat are now using the great litter box in the sky, their fortune is still intact — and growing. It is worth $4.1 million today. Another of Grier’s cats, Charlie Chan, received $250,000.
  3. Beryl Reid’s Cats: British comedienne and actress Beryl Reid loved cats. She had several. When she died, her cats, Coco, Boon, Hamish, Eileen and Tuffnel, inherited her estate. Her $1.8 million “cottage” was left to the cats when she died in 1996, and her friend was asked to look after them. These cats definitely live the high life, enjoying the best of everything and receiving the best care possible.
  4. Red: David Harper didn’t have a wife, but he did have a cat named Red. The millionaire bachelor worked hard and lived frugally, with Red as his only companion. Harper was shy and somewhat reclusive, and was obviously attached to his cat. He decreed that his cat would inherit his C$1.3 million estate. When Harper died in 2005, Red became a millionaire. He is cared for by the United Church of Canada, which has been charged with Red’s maintenance.
  5. TinkerTinker: If you are looking for an inspiring rags to riches story, the story of Tinker the cat is for you. Tinker regularly stopped off by the home of Margaret Layne, a widow living in England. Layne became so attached that when she died, she left her house, valued at around $800,000 to Tinker, along with a trust fund of $226,000. However, Tinker was moved to a home in Wales after death threats from people jealous that a cat could be so wealthy while they had very little.


A dog’s life isn’t so bad — if you’re one of the millionaire dogs that has every need catered to. No strays on this list; these dogs are all bone fide millionaires.

  1. Gunther IVGunther IV: Talk about keeping it in the family! Gunther IV is the richest pet in the world, and he received his inheritance from his predecessor Gunther III. Gunther III received an inheritance from the German countess Karlotta Liebenstein. Gunter III’s fortune was wisely managed, and now Gunther IV is worth right around $372. He was able to buy a swank place in Miami, and even win a rare white truffle at an auction.
  2. Toby Rimes: This poodle is another dog who inherited his fortune from someone else. Indeed, Toby Rimes is the descendant of a poodle that inherited $30 million from Ella Wendel, a New York socialite who died in 1931. Toby Rimes is a tribute to the power of compounding interest, as he is worth three times his progenitor — $92 million. After Gunther IV and Kalu the chimp, Toby Rimes is the third richest pet in the world.
  3. Oprah and dogsOprah’s Dogs: Oprah Winfrey is a well-known talk show hostess and owner of a media empire. She is also a dog lover. When her dog Gracie died, Oprah mourned her truly, and used Gracie as a source of inspiration. Oprah has made it clear that when she dies, her dogs are to be cared for, properly. Her will specifies that her dogs will receive $30 million for their care. That $30 million will be split up amongst all of her dogs, but that’s still a pretty penny by any measure.
  4. EddieMoose: Moose the dog is a rich Jack Russell Terrier who made his own fortune. He is know for his role as “Eddie” on the TV show Frasier. Eddie was paid $10,000 an episode for his acting chops, and was worth about $3.2 million. Moose is a great example of what you can accomplish if you take your talent and work hard. So many people love “Eddie”, that Moose received more fan mail than any of his co-stars. He passed away in 2006, living a rich, full life to the end.
  5. Flossie and Dew BarrymoreFlossie: Another dog who earned her own fortune is Flossie, the pet of actress Drew Barrymore. The yellow Labrador-Chow mix is credited with waking Barrymore and then-flame Tom Green from their sleep during a fire at a mansion in Beverly Hills. To show her gratitude, Barrymore changed her will to leave the home, a $3 million estate, to Flossie.

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