25 Awesome Social Networking Sites for Animal Lovers

by admin on April 23, 2010

Animal lovers often need a place where they can interact. While the waiting room of veterinary practice can be a good way to meet other pet lovers. However, sometimes it is more efficient — and fun — to meet people online. Going to a social networking site can be a good way to meet other people and their pets. No matter your career, it is possible to meet others who share your love of animals. Here are 25 awesome social networking sites for animal lovers:

All Pets and Animal Lovers

These pet social networking sites are aimed at pets of all kinds. From dogs and cats to horses, fish and birds, you can share your pet with the world.

Pet Brags: This site bills itself as the MySpace of the pet world. A great place to get together with other pet lovers, set up a web page for your pet, and then add information, media and more.

Pet Pop: You can create a custom profile for your pet on this site, which also includes information on local pet parks and allows you to set up play dates with other pets, and find neutral places to meet.

Pet Crash: This is a fun pet social media site that allows you to create pet polls, build up networks of other pet lover friends and create groups based on interests.

Animal Attraction: This social networking site is based on Facebook. Find other pet lovers, message them, and see pictures of other pets.

Pet Files: Network with others, and see their pets. You can also set up profile pages for your pet, send messages to your friends, and even set up pages for pets up for sale or adoption.

Petside.com: This pet social networking site is aimed specifically at helping owners keep their pets happy and healthy. You can look by breed, and look up symptoms for different conditions. You can also connect with other pet lovers.

My Pet Friends: Set up communities and groups with other pet lovers. Make friends with other pets, and network, blog and share photos of your own pets.

All about pets: Ask questions about pet care in the forums. Join groups with like-minded pet owners. Get good advice from other members and vets, and set up your own profile for you and your pet.

PetBoogaloo: Get your pet online, and then blog about him or her. Connect with other pet lovers. Play games and join causes. Even if you don’t have a real pet, PetBoogaloo can help; the site has a feature that allows you to create a virtual pet to care for online.

YapStar: Pet social networking with flair. Connect with others, find cool pet products, look for local pet friendly businesses, and set up a sweet profile. You can even enter your pets in pet photo contests available on the site.

Pets Passions: Are you interested in dating someone who loves pets as much as you do? This social networking site is designed for single pet lovers looking for a human soul mate. Also great for those looking for breeding partners for their pets.

PetSmooch: You can build a network of pets and pet lovers. Post pictures, and chat in the forums with other pet owners. Make new friends and set up play dates for your pets.

Date My Pet: This is another dating site for pet lovers. You can meet like-minded pet owners, or find someone who loves animals. Share photos of you and your pet, and make new friends. Even find dates for your pets.

Love My Pets: This pet social networking site is devoted to animal lovers who want to connect. It also has a wide pet rescue database, designed to help pets in trouble find loving homes.

People N Pets: Upload pictures and video of you and your pets. A place for you to meet other pet owners, and learn about others’ pets. Includes blogs, events and forums so that you can fully participate in the lives of animals.

Yeepet.com: Read helpful articles on pets and pet care, as well as join in on forums. Create a profile page for you and your pet, and make new friends. You can even set up play dates and invite your new friends to events.

Zoogletube.com: This pet social networking site focuses on animal and pet videos. It’s YouTube for pets. Set up an account, and upload videos. Watch other videos, make friends and even ask a vet a question. A great place to share video and see what others’ pets are up to.

Pets Area: Talk to other pet lovers, find other breeders, and participate in a vibrant pet community. Set up your own profile page and enter pet photo contests.

Petizens: Sign up and make friends with this pet social networking site. You can drag and drop stickers and photos to make your pet page more fun, chat in forums, and play pet related games.

Specific Pet Social Networking

These sites are a little more “exclusive” than the others, providing specific social networking for certain pets.

Catster: This site is meant for cat owners. Build a profile page for your cat and yourself, take fun quizzes, get good advice and network with new friends. A fun place to go if you love cats and kittens.

Dogster: Look at fun photos of dogs, and connect with other dog lovers. Get information on different breeds, and find possible breeding partners. Post your own photos and events, and play games.

My Cat Space: This is a MySpace for cats. Create a profile for your cat, and find new cat friends. Includes blogs, forums and information on rescue animals.

My Dog Space: Set up a profile for your dog. Find dog parks and other dog friendly areas near your home. Set up play dates and find breeding partners. A fun place for your special pet to enjoy life online.

Bird Social Network: If you love birds — watching them or even owning them — you can join this social network. Share images and videos, find other bird lovers, participate in forums and groups, and read blogs. A great place to go if you are interested in birds.

My Horse and Me: If you love horses, this pet social network is for you. Share photos and videos of your horse, and meet other horse lovers. Learn about local and national horse events, and get great book recommendations.

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