5 Great iPhone Apps for Animal Lovers

by admin on July 28, 2009

Pets are kept for companionship as well as enjoyment as household animals. They can stimulate a human being especially the elderly. Pet owner joy comes when they watch, raise, and take care of their animals. However, pet-keeping is also a responsibility-driven hobby that requires total commitment. An attachment is developed between the pet owner and the pet in the process. There are a variety of great iPhone applications for animal lovers which can help them perform tasks such as tracking the pets vet visits, find a pet photo gallery, find parks to take the pets and so forth. As a result, it makes the pets owner work easier, and this is possible due to the advances made in information technology. Here are just of the applications.

Pet Notebook
If your pet is like a family member and you would like to monitor the pets’ medication, birth date, have photos of the pet as well as have custom notes, then the pet notebook application is suitable for the reason that it has all of those features.

Off Leash
An additional application available is Off Leash used to identify at least five parks within your locality. At the parks your pets can roam freely as well as have a lot of fun. This will help you break the monotony of visiting the same park. By any chance if you notice there is a park not listed you can add it by submitting it on the information button.

Pet Phone
Also, the Pet Phone is another application suitable for pet owners since, sometimes taking care of a pet can be overwhelming. For that reason, the Pet Phone application’s main aim is to give a hand to the pet owner.  This is done by assisting in the tracking your pet’s weight history in due course, following up on the vet visits, allergies, as well as medications. As a result, you become a stress-free pet owner and a happy and healthy pet.

All Pets Radio Player
This is an application used to inform the pet owner about the resources, tips, as well as interesting tidbits on all pets. This helps you take care of the pet efficiently. It is suitable if the pet trackers as well as the Notebook are not satisfying your needs. The All Pets Radio Player application is a radio station streamed from the internet and can be accessed anytime as long as you have access to the internet.

Relax Alarm Clock application
Majority of pet owners are not comfortable leaving their pets behinds when traveling and have to leave them behind. Therefore, the Relax Alarm Clock application can come in handy as it records audio sounds of the pet and then plays back with spotless sound quality. The alarm sounds exactly like the real pets’ sounds. The custom alarm sound can be used to wake you up; and this will relax you in the morning. It is however important for one to have the alarm application running so that the alarm sound can work.

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