25 Essential Lolcatz Sites to Get Your Daily Fix

by admin on September 21, 2009

One of the most popular (and cute!) trends on the Internet right now is the lolcatz trend. This combines pictures of cats, matched with captions. The captions often use poor grammar and spelling, and often provide parody for online jargon such as “lol” and “ur”. These pictures are often amusing and adorable — especially if you are a cat lover. On top of that, lolcatz has evolved to include just about any picture doctored with a caption that consists of shoddy English. It doesn’t always have to be cats, although cats are most prominently featured. If you are into lolcatz, here are 25 Web sites that can help you get your fix.

  1. Wikipedia-lolcatI Can Has Cheezburger? is widely credited for starting the lolcatz craze. A picture of a plaintive cat, looking at the camera, with the title caption took off. Soon people all over the world were finding pictures of cats and adding captions. And the spelling only got worse. The site includes pictures of other animals in amusing positions with interesting captions.
  2. The Meatloafy provides pictures of cats doing cute things, with commentary written with poor English grammar and spelling. But it is pretty amusing, and you can spend hours just working out the meanings of what’s written in the language known as lolcat.
  3. lolcatz.net offers a number of cat pictures with captions. You can upload your own lolcatz pictures, as well as browse the archives and even sign up for the latest pictures to be sent right to your inbox.
  4. LOLcatz includes a number of cute pictures of cats. There are occasional pictures of other animals as well. You can even submit your own pictures.
  5. LOLCATS provides a daily dose of creative lolcatz pictures, including one of a cat as part of a taco. Submit your own lolcatz photos. There are a number of fun themes, including holidays.
  6. LOLCat Blog offers an interesting look at different lolcatz pictures. But, on top of that, you can go to the generator and vote on some of the best lolcatz pictures.
  7. lolcatzworld.com helps you enjoy a day of profitable amusement with various pictures and captions. Plenty of interesting lolcatz pictures beyond just cats.
  8. Serious Lulz does not offer strictly cat pictures, but there are a number of interesting pictures of animals and humans with fun captions. You can even find one of a lion (just a big cat, right?) hugging a zebra.
  9. Another lolcatz blog offers cute pictures and videos of cats do amusing things — and captions to go with it.
  10. MySpace lolcat is a fun “profile” of an lolcat. Become her friend, and look at her pictures. Plenty of interesting things to see, and poor English expression to read.
  11. LOLCat Bible Translation Project provides the more irreverent a place to congregate and see what is going on the world of lolcatz. You can add images, read “translations” of the Bible into lolcat jargon, learn how to “speak” lolcat and even learn the Ceiling Cat Prayer.
  12. lolcat.us offers information and fun pictures on all things related to lolcatz. See pictures and read articles on lolcatz. There is even a hall of fame, and a history of lolcatz.
  13. Random Fury focuses on lolcatz, with other stuff occasionally mixed in. On top of that, there is an “LOLcat of the Week” feature that has the best new lolcat picture of the previous week. Funny stuff.
  14. Meat-filled dumpling lolcat is an eclectic lolcatz site with a number of pictures that include humans as well as animals. Some of the pictures are a bit bizarre, but they are all interesting.
  15. lolpolz combines politics with lolcatz. A variety of lolcatz pictures, featuring cats and other animals, can be found alongside political commentary. An interesting take on the events of the day.
  16. lolcats — i can show u mai lolcats plz? offers interesting pictures with captions written in lolcat. It is also a group on Opera, and you can sign in and participate by sharing photos and joining the forum.
  17. Random Crazy 123 mixes lolcatz videos and images in with other posts that are a little more useful. It is kind of amusing, since one of the posts is “7 (common) spelling mistakes”. Of course, spelling mistakes is what lolcatz is all about…
  18. Meme Cats offers a number of cute cat pictures and captions. You can send in your submissions, and rate what is already on the site. Indeed, you can spend hours looking at the lolcatz pictures and then rating them.
  19. Geek Speak provides a number of doctored pictures. Many of them do not involve cats. However, there are some that do have cats and other animals, and you can see other interesting pictures that might give you a chuckle.
  20. Willow’s Cat Blog isn’t exactly an lolcatz blog, but it does feature a cat rather prominently. There are a number of amusing pictures and captions, and some of the pictures do fall under the lolcatz heading.
  21. YouTube provides endless hours of lolctaz. All you have to do is enter the search term “lolcatz” and you will see thousands of videos that show cats doing hilarious things. There’s even a pretty good compilation video of several lolcatz.


Who says that cats can have all the fun? There are also loldogz blogs that feature poorly written captions over pictures of dogs. Devastatingly cute, and the perfect balance if you are looking to give a little time to the “other” pet species.

  1. I Has a Hotdog features cute pictures of dogs and puppies. You can vote on your favorite images, and you can even buy loldogz gear.
  2. LolDawgz focuses on puppy and dog humor. You can read interesting commentary of “man’s best friend” as well as see pictures of different dogs and read their captions.
  3. LOLdogs is all about sharing a few laughs with “K9 pals”. You can see a number of fun pictures, and read funny captions. There are also random quotes, written in lolcat…er, loldog.
  4. Lol dogz by Ryan360cool on YouTube offers a fun look at different loldogz. It’s a compilation that runs through some great loldogz images and provides plenty of laughs.

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