Health Science Degrees

Requirements for Earning Health Science Degrees

Since specific associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in the veterinary services industry are limited, many health sciences degrees offer veterinary assistants or future veterinarians the chance to earn a bachelor’s degree that prepares graduates for careers in this field. A Bachelor of Science in health science typically requires core, major, and elective coursework, and in some cases may help fast-track the student toward a master’s degree in a similar field. Such curriculum includes physical sciences, models for health and wellness, anatomy and physiology, healthcare administration, research methods for health sciences, epidemiology and biostatistics, and more.

Average Salary and Career Data

Nearly 85 percent of the veterinary apprentice (also known as veterinary assistant or paraveterinary) workforce is employed in private veterinary clinics or animal hospitals, although opportunities are available in research settings or through colleges and universities. Median annual salaries of about $22,000 per year exist for veterinary assistants, but veterinary nurses and technologists can expect median salaries nearing $30,000 ( annually and career growth of close to 52 percent – much faster than the average profession.

Job Duties of a Veterinary Technologist

Veterinary technologists and technicians are expected to assist credentialed veterinarians by observing the behavior and conditions of animals and assisting with diagnosis, administer anesthesia to animals, perform laboratory tests and x-rays, administer vaccines and medications (as prescribed by the veterinarian), and more. Veterinary technologists and technicians are expected to assist the veterinarian in much the same way a nurse would assist a doctor.

Online Health Science Degrees

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Animal Behavior College
Veterinarian Assisting
Animal Behavior College — Animal Behavior College offers an online program for veterinarian assisting that delivers quality education through its relevant and hands-on assignments. ABC is the only school that is owned and operated by professionals with in the pet industry, making it an excellent choice for students who want an education they can use right out of college.
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Ashworth University
Veterinarian Assisting
Animal Care Specialist
Ashworth University — One of the most trusted names in education, Ashworth University gained its reputation from its commitment to students and alumni. Part of this is offering convenient options for students to pursue their education through online programs that can be completed from any computer with no onsite visitation required. Ashworth has two programs in vet tech, veterinary assisting and animal care specialist.
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Penn Foster Career College
Veterinarian Assisting
Pet Groomer
Dog Obedience Trainer
Penn Foster Career College — Penn Foster Career College has a veterinary assistant program available through online classes in addition to pet groomer and dog obedience trainer programs for students interested in working with animals. Penn is an affordable option for students who want to quickly achieve career goals with several forms of financial aid for those who qualify. Penn specializes in delivering fast-paced curriculum with career-oriented assignments leading up to an associate degree.
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